KTN’s Ann Kiguta Accused of Being Rude To DP William Ruto

July 19, 2013

Last night, KTN’s Ann Kiguta got the chance to interview deputy president William Ruto. Coming just after Julie Gichuru had failed at it (according to Kenyans on Twitter), Ann had to do it differently. 
The deputy president has a reputation of being ‘uninterviewable’, as he always seems to be doing the interview himself. This is what happened to Julie Gichuru on her Sunday Live ‘debut’. 
Ann therefore decided to show Ruto who’s in charge in those studio walls.

Unlike in Julie’s case, Ruto was not given unlimited time to sell their manifesto. Actually, he was often cut short. Some people felt that he should have been given more time to state his case.
Others, accused Ann Kiguta of rudeness and arrogance, but a good number still thought she handled the deputy president way better than Julie.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter.

Okay Anne Kiguta caaaalm down its a conversation with deputy president you will get all your answers not by an attack #justSaying – @eriknjoka

Anne Kiguta needs to calm down!!! Talking over your subject should never be taken for asking the hard questions… aah-aah! – @irenewamaru

Ann Kiguta is not even giving Ruto time to answer questions. I think she is just horny! – @Wafunya

Eish Ann kiguta…..you are interviewer as the questions then wait for the answers yawa….wachaa kuongea mingi.” – @MakandiBee

Ruto is not laughing in this interview like he did at Gichuru’s because Kiguta ain’t chuckling at his BS. – @Ntongai_

This Kiguta madam should have interviewed herself – @Babu_yao

Kiguta can interview herself…she seems to know even what Ruto does not know – @GicheruGicheru

Julie Gichuru gave Ruto too much time to talk. Anne Kiguta didn’t let him talk. Ruto 1 journalists 0 – @TheZiza

Eh Kenyans can never be pleased. Julie’s was called tujuane, Now Kiguta’s was rude. To each his own. #KOT” that’s normal! – @TerryanneChebet

Anne Kiguta is not a good interviewer! Did not do justice on date with DP in KTN last night. – @SirLimo

When you let twitter think for you…you’ll fuck yoself up… Ann Kiguta thought #KOT would be proud after trying to roast #williamruto – @Obara_Doyan

I am proud of Anne Kiguta’s professional qualities as an interviewer. Keep it up Ann. May others learn. –  ‏@kegodeg

Someone tell Anne Kiguta you can never pin down Ruto even by arrogance or cutting him short – @Juniormuri

Did Ann kiguta just address deputy president as Ruto??? Whatever happened to Hon.Ruto & communication Ethics #kuzoeana! – @PierraM

This ann kiguta is interviewing William Ruto like a petulant kid jumping up & down demanding for a banana – @JamesXbondd

I still think Ruto has been confused by Ann Kiguta’s weave. He could have performed better.”lol – @Shiku_M

Kiguta was okay, rude ni wewe – @_Kaana_

Ann kiguta is not a good interviewer at all !at all! at all. – @kijocelyn

Ann Kiguta appaling.. noise , rude, arguing lucky Ruto was playing gentleman Nyongo angetembea! – @Philywangu

Ann Kiguta arguing, giving her opinion instead of interviewing Hon. Ruto. -@dunewur

You don‘t interject when someone is answering mind you his the DP#Ann Kiguta – @Ianbovic

Ann Kiguta, please it’s not a cat fight or a debate starring you! Let the Deputy President answer your questions! – @dtwixd

Someone tell Anne Kiguta you can never pin down Ruto even by arrogance or cutting him short – @Juniormuri

Ann Kiguta..not a good interviewer at all. not a class close to Julie. she talks too much and argues like a college girl. #NotImpressed #KTN – @boni_kilonzo

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