Ipsos Poll – 36% of Kenyans Say Raila Should Retire From Politics

July 10, 2013

Ipsos Synovate has released an opinion poll this morning. As always, politics took centre stage, and there are some interesting results due to the concluded elections.

According to the poll, 32% of Kenyans think Raila should remain in politics, while 36% think he should retire completely. 28% think he should continue to work with his political party but not contest any seat in future.
In Central, 66% said he should retire completely, while in Nyanza, only 19% think he should retire.

Today’s poll also touched on the ICC, and support for the court cases facing the President and his deputy has significantly gone down. Of concern is the number of Kenyans who prefer no trials at all.
These were the results.

Supports ICC – 39%
Prefers Local Tribunal – 32%
Prefers no trial – 29%

Other polls today include:
– Only 33% of Kenyans aware of TJRC report

– Confidence in President Uhuru – 51%
– Confidence in D.President Ruto – 48%

-Confident that Jubilee will deliver laptops for children – 66%

– Confidence in Police – 14%
– Confidence in media – 46%
– Confidence in MPs – 17%
– Confidence in IEBC – 32%

Kenyans will sure have their objections in these latest findings, considering the last general election did not go as predicted.

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