Helpless Julie Gichuru Lets Ruto Control Sunday Live Interview

July 15, 2013

Last night, Julie Gichuru made her return to Sunday Live. On her ‘debut’ she had the honour of interviewing Deputy President William Ruto.. but as it turned out, Ruto interviewed her. 

As is the norm with Julie, she failed to ask the hard questions, leaving the deputy president to promote their manifesto. Though she touched a little on the Sh100 million house renovations, Julie failed to ask any credible follow up questions. 

Unlike other seasoned interviewers, she let Ruto completely take charge, and the DP only stopped talking when he had said enough (according to him), and at times unimportant statements. Though the interview was supposed to bring the DP to task on what they have accomplished in 100 days, Julie allowed Ruto to endlessly talk about what they intend to do in the next four and a half years.

Kenyans on social media were not impressed with Julie’s interviewing skills, and below are some of the comments. 

“Up Next is who owns Kenya brought to you by William Ruto after the interview of Ruto done by Ruto”. – @sickolia_

Have you watched how Ruto has interviewed Julie Gichuru on Citizen TV? Amazing! – @RamzZy_

Ruto and Julie Gichuru were on a #Tujuane date. – @RobertAlai

The promo should have said Ruto will be interviewing himself assisted from time to time by Julie” – @vincechepkwony

Ruto should interview Julie again. I’m loving this!!! (-_) – @carolinespencer

We all love how Ruto interviewed Julie Gichuru. He is such a great journo who dispenses his work with finesse.” – @alkiggs

Today Julie let Kenyans down with that ruto interview.he became the interviewer – @spandita2000

Larry Madowo gets a birthday gift on air, Julie Gichuru lets Ruto interview himself. Kenyan media is failing” – @misslullita

2 hours later… Julie: Ruto, we should finish.
Ruto: Sharrap, I’m talking! – @TheSymon:

Julie gichuru!!! u just failed us. u dint do wat we expected of u instead u simply let ruto to continue campaigning for the jubilee – @CAROXXXY

Ruto is hosting himself on Sunday Live.Julie is the audience.  ->
There is no journalist that will outdo Ruto in an interview stop hating on #Julie that guy is just smart – @Mejooli

Julie: how are the kids at home?
Ruto: what? Julie:  

ok next question. what’s the colour of bra your wife wore today? – @Dr_Huey

Ruto doesn’t believe in a thing he says,but Julie does…apparently – @MikeObare

Julie is just cheerleading ruto just like the typical light skinned b***h – @Dr_Huey

Julie is now laughing at Ruto jokes.. Great!! – @kijanafulani

Did Julíe just ask #Ruto why he cried? oh no how is that going to benefit me as a Kenyan, – @SirtuiBsirtui

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