#You Know Your Mother Is Kenyan If… Hilarious Tweets Collection

May 13, 2013

Over the weekend, Kenyans on Twitter started the trend #YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan, to celebrate Kenyan mothers on Mothers Day. 

People contributed to the hash tag by describing some of the things their mothers did to them when they were young. Most of these turned out to be very similar across many families in Kenya, and the following are some of them.

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan if she has a drawer or a place for keeping paper bags after buying something in it

#youknowyourmotherisKenyan if when she beats u up she says “unalia nini na ata sijakuchapa?”

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan when she beats you with pauses; nani *slap* alikuambia *kick* ufanye *pinch* hivyo!”

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan if she has ever tried to remove anything that looks like dirt from your face with her saliva, even a birthmark.

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan if she asks you questions that have no answers ‘Kwanini ulivunja thermos?’

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan if after whipping you anakushow “na niskie ukilia uone”

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan If she responds with “Vunja Yote Umalize” if you accidentally break utensils made of glass.

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan if she had special plates and cups 4 guests

 #YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan if she writes you such a note when she is leaving

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan when ur forced to wear a boshori till ur in class 4.. 😀

#youknowyourmotheriskenyan If she thinks “NKT” is short for nakumatt.

#youknowyourmotheriskenyan if she ever asked you “kama kazi yako ni tv siku mzima’

#youknowyourmotheriskenyan when you are boi, and she tells you “mwambie umetumwa na mama boi”

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan if she had a list of neighbors and relatives where you should not dare step into.”nione umepeleka miguu huko”

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan When she calls you from the bedroom to take a remote that is right there on the table.

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan If you fall asleep on the couch but wake up in bed,well covered

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan if every new baby in the family lazima ashonewe sweater ama poncho

#youknowyourmotheriskenyan if she threatens to hit you by actually hitting you! lol

#youknowyourmotheriskenyan when you lose money and she says shika izi zingne pia ukapoteze!

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan when she buys you oversize uniform and says ” hio utavaa hadi class 8″

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan if ukido dhambi anakupiga akisema “ni makosa tunapiga si wewe “

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan if she spat on a handkerchief to wipe your face when you were young

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan when she goes like “afadhali ningezaa mandazi tukatane na daktari badala ya mtoto kichwa ngumu”

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan anaitwa bash pahali, alafu jioni anawaletea mokimo pilau nyama na soda kwa paperbag.

#YouKnowYourMotherIsKenyan if ulichapwa for eating at the neighbours

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