Uhuru Announces Cabinet List Without Aide-de-camp Behind Him

April 23, 2013

One aspect of President Uhuru’s cabinet announcement that went largely unnoticed, was the absence of his aide-de-camp. The president is rarely seen without the man in uniform obediently standing behind him, and so yesterday’s occasion clearly stood out. Though his aide was present, he stood quite a distance from him.

The new president has already brought about some new ways of doing things, and it would therefore not be surprising should he choose not to have someone always standing behind him. For instance, the police are no longer closing down both sides of a dual carriage way when the he is passing, but only the side he is using. Kibaki would have both sides of Thika Road closed 20 minutes to his passing.

Though the aide-de-camp thing it is a military tradition common in commonwealth nations, he is the head of state and the buck should stop with him. For sure, many Kenyans would love to see their president stand by himself.

Lets wait and see if Tuesday was just a false alarm.

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