Kenyans Against Mithika Linturi, For Leading Efforts To Award MPs a Pay Rise

April 18, 2013

Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi is the honourable member leading efforts to increase MPs salaries through the disbandment of the Salaries and Enumeration Commission. 
Last night, the MP made probably what was one of his biggest mistake yet, by agreeing to be interviewed by Larry Madowo, knowing too well he has little case, inadequate facts and generally not well prepared. 

After the interview, Kenyans took to social media to express their disappointment in the people of Igembe South for giving the country Mithika Linturi.

This guy called mithika linturi ….who voted for him?? – Alat Vincent

@itsonlyinku: Apart from Mithika Linturi, ng’ombe gani zingine za Museveni ziko Kenya?” – @itsonlyinku

Is it True that Mithika Linturi Got a D+ in KCSE – Dj Tingy

@bossynyamz: Mithika Linturi should be fired, big mistake for his constituency… – @bossynyamz

Mithika Linturi ,Richard Momaima Onyonka ,Jimmy Angwenyi say ksh500k is less money,while primary teacher earns ksh 15,000.We elected mapigs – Simba Joseph

i wonder how he katiad his wife…he doesnt have vibes – Khed Odhiambo

MITHIKA LINTURI : one word sir #SHAMELESS disgrace to the people who elected you. – Hiram

Can Igembe people recall their alleged MP ASAP. He is a disgrace on National platfom! Mithika be like ‘(-_-)’ ==>Think Twice! – Sam Kaguongo

@LarryMadowo how do you hold ur patience when interviewing someone like that Mithika Linturi.I hope his constituents are watching their MPig – Arigi Bill

Mithika linturi’s tie is brighter than him#mpgs – Linda Mbaisi

Somebody slap Mithika Linturi #MPiggest  – @plapan

Jimmy Angwenyi was the 1st to call Mithika Linturi after our interview. Linturi told him ‘we must not allow intimidation’ – Larry Madowo


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