Open Letter To Mithika Linturi – Shame on You

April 21, 2013
My friend, Mr Mithika Linturi…

Greetings…I hope you are enjoying your evening after sweating your greedy self all day filing motions and calling little press conferences to whine and grumble like a divorcee… So You have finally decided to put the greed to action? And,shamelessly,gone ahead to file a motion seeking to disband the Salaries Commission??

Good Job,Bro. Good Job. What are your complains again?? In your statement,you claimed that Sarah Serem and her Salaries and Renumeration Commission “over- stepped their mandate”…You also claimed that the SRC “grossly violated the constitution and other laws governing its operations”…And finally added that the Salaries Commission “should have brought the proposal to parliament for discussion!!”

Really? What kind of BULLSHIT is that?

Listen, just because Serem’s proposals DIDNT FAVOR YOU doesnt mean that she over- stepped her mandate…

And what mandate are we talking about here? Isnt Parliament the main violater of the constitution? Arent Parliamentarians the greatest culprits as far as over-stepping their mandate is concerned??

You and your fellow gluttonous thugs personally APPROVED Sarah Serem and her commission. It came through Parliament and You,Mr Linturi,gave it a go-ahead!

So whats up with the stupid grumbling and mumbling? Whats up with Your sudden lack of faith in the SRC??

Didnt You know what was in store for You? Even before You started your bribe-oriented campaigns??

Oh,Mr Linturi and your fellow gang of midday gangsters,LISTEN UP;

KENYANS have known your game! We have learnt You,watched You,analyzed You and mastered your devious craftiness!

We have a NEW GOVERNMENT. A GOVT faced with huge responsibilities,a huge expectation from Mwananchi,a manifesto to honour and grand promises to deliver!

And a WHOLE COUNTRY will NOT STOP for the sake of the greed of around 350 heartless,godless scoundrels!

SHUT THE FUCK UP and get down to work!

And Hey,Incase You DONT like the pay,go ahead,get a pen and paper and RESIGN!

Then we can have a more caring,loving,human and selfless leader to replace You!

You either serve or QUIT!

You are NOT indispensable! None of You is irreplacable! We can REPLACE YOU quicker than dirty underwear!

Its a shame to call Sh.550,000 a cheap salary. When HALF of Kenyans earn less than 100 bob per day!

Its a shame!

And guess what??

SHAME ON YOU,greedy vampires!


Go ahead,dare You disband the SRC commission or double your salaries AND You may have 

PUSHED the LAST anger BUTTON on Mwananchi!


The ONLY thing HONOURABLE about You is the title!



By Cabu Gah 

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