Mike Sonko Gives His Followers the Name Sonkolets .. And Talks About His Haters

March 17, 2013

This is a very inspirational message posted by Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko on his Facebook page. Surprisingly, we also find out that the former Makadara legislator has a name for his followers. 

What a beautiful Weekend

Why there is so much hatred being spewed in social media. Is it that people hate each other that much? I am aware that some people will not like, not because of anything you have done to them but because maybe you are just great! Remember you can only invite hatred or jealousy if you are the higher person, if you talk the truth, if your arguments are laced with facts and if whatever you say is always accompanied by love.

And because you are that great person, because you are a Sonkolet, you should not respond evil with evil. PLO Lumbumba would say ‘Don’t respond to a mosquito bite with a hammer”. Stay away from people who are likely to cause harm. Guard your tongue. I know if Hon. Michuki were alive today, he would demand all of us to install speed governors to our tongues.

We must not let divisions distract us from the goals that we have set. As your senator, I call on you to fix your eyes firmly on the ball. If you spend so much time thinking about the next insults, the next people to target with cheap tribal talk, then you are letting Kenya down. I am thinking of how to fix the problems that have for a long time kept families from affording three meals a day or having enough income to send their children to the best schools, and I would need you to walk with me. We need to pull together. The “Harambee Spirit” was never intended for people to pull together to think of tribalism, nepotism and all those negative traits.

There is a saying in my mother tongue which when translated to English says “The hyena enters the compound using the hole created by the family dog”. If we don’t take care of the hatred today, we would be building our country on loose grounds, and the divisions we create today could be too costly for us in the future.

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