Kenya and Nigeria In Full-Blown Twitter War – #SomeoneTellNigeria

March 21, 2013

It all started when it emerged that Harambee Stars were not given the welcome they should in Lagos. Kenya’s national team was booked in a two star hotel, and left to train in a dilapidated school compound.

When news of Harambee Star’s treatment broke, Kenyans on Twitter (#KOT), came up with the hashtag #SomeoneTellNigeria, which was little about the football, and a lot to do with afro sinema, and their accent. 

Here’s how it went down.

#SomeoneTellNigeria Only in their movies a woman puts poison in her husbands food.And then taste it to know if its enough,without her dying

#SomeoneTellNigeria we are trending 4th worldwide, they are not even in the list, they need goodluck, oh they have him.

#someonetellNigeria that Ghosts dont look left and right before they cross roads like they do in their movies.

#SomeOneTellNigeria we use P-Spuare music in our schools to warn kids of cheap accent & poor grammar.”

#SomeOneTellNigeria We can disfigure P-Square to P-Rectangle or even P-Triangle

Kenyan women are beautiful, Nigerian women are handsome. #SomeOneTellKenya #SomeoneTellNigeria”

#SomeoneTellNigeria we can throw stones from Kenya and break that African Cup of Nation Trophy

Nigeria hates on our team when local stations have given them opportunity to grow their Naija movies .Madharau sana #SomeonetellNigeria

#someonetellnigeria we are tired of watching movies where one opens a casket and the corpse is sweating
#SomeoneTellNigeria that we appreciate the fact that their witchdoctors came up with skype via a bowl of water

Enugu is a city in Nigeria. In kenya Enugu is a monkey, but the E is silent.. #SomeoneTellNigeria

#SomeoneTellNigeria they’re only tweefing with us to learn english

Carol Mutoko is too bitter. #SomeoneTellNigeria they can have her for free.

#SomeoneTellNigeria this ain afrocinema we don continue shortly

#SomeoneTellNigeria that even if they score 50+1 goals,we won’t concede defeat

#SomeoneTellNigeria We all know that twitlonger was designed to accommodate their accent.” LMAO.

 #SomeonetellNigeria there are four other vowels besides “O” , seriously.

#SomeoneTellNigeria that Nigerian girls are 30 % weave, 30% makeup, 30% muscle and 10% breasts. No ass!”

#SomeonetellNigeria that Paul Muite has already watched the movies they are planning to release in November!””

#someonetellnigeria they should stop calling all their watchmen in their movies Musa

strange FACT: Nigerian women have hair on the breasts. #someoneTellNigeria”

#SomeoneTellNigeria we only say “Fufu” when someone has farted.

#SomeoneTellNigeria They are the best testimony that English came on a boat … “I GO TELL YOU” , who even talks like that?

#SomeoneTellNigeria its only in nigeria wea ‘u r finished’ is considered a big threat

#SomeoneTellNigeria when you shoot someone on the leg, blood does not come out of the mouth

#SomeonetellNigeria we export presidents to America, they export thieves and con artists.

#SomeoneTellNigeria we have KTN,NTV,KBC,Citizen and @RobertAlai

I hear your women’s lips are so big they can whisper in their own ear. #SomeoneTellNigeria

#SomeoneTellNigeria Its only a nigerian horror movie that ends with ‘To God Be The Glory'”

#SomeoneTellNigeria that their country is located in Africa’s armpit.

#SomeoneTellNigeria Kenyan women wear weaves to enhance beauty, Nigerian women wear weaves to confirm their gender.”

#SomeoneTellNigeria we no-longer use peugeot carz as police chase carz! Cumon!

Today kenya reduced 9ja to 1ja #SomeoneTellNigeria

#someoneTellNigeria their president is calld good luck, poor guy..

#someonetellnigeria to start googling “mlolongo” coz thats where your team will be staying when they come for the return leg.

#someonetellNigeria tht we are alarmed by their population, 161 million pple? Maybe we should send them condoms, instead of tweeting them!

#SomeoneTellNigeria LMAO doesn’t mean ‘Laughing My Ass Oga

#SomeoneTellNigeria So you call yourself @frenzychilly on twitter, but your real name is Trufena Chinwenwe Ukwunyambis..

#SomeoneTellNigeria it’s not moooni’s Money!!!

#Someonetellnigeria Return leg u will spend at Sabina joy for all our hotels will be booked!!!

#SomeoneTellNigeria if KQ cut the flights they have to swim up to dubai

#SomeoneTellNigeria watulie ama tuwatumie susan wa #Tujuane

 #SomeonetellNigeria its only in Naija movies where a blind woman tells her son “I see you have come””

#someonetellnigeria their movies r only watched by housegirls

#SomeoneTellNigeria that in their movies, it cannot be 10 years later and the family cat is still alive. Please.

#KOT chungeni sana. Its all fun untill one of you turns into a goat! #someonetellnigeria

#SomeoneTellNigeria ata hiyo pitch wanaringanayo Kenyatta may just surprise them with a title deed!!

#someonetellnigeria right now, somewhere in Lagos, therez an igbo man swallowing orbit pellets with water

#SomeoneTellNigeria Right now, somewhere in Lagos, an Ibo man is knocking on a lift door…”

Kenyans kick ass. The last time a country dissed Kenya, the Pope resigned. #SomeoneTellNigeria

#SomeoneTellNigeria their whole fashion wardrobe is dependent on 2 kenyan personalities: orie rogo manduli and miguna miguna


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