50 Little Known Facts About President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta (Re-post)

March 10, 2013

This 50 little known facts about Uhuru Kenyatta were compiled by Team Uhuru on October 26, 2011 to mark his 50th birthday.

  1. He was conceived in Samburu
  2. He was born in Nairobi
  3. He is left handed
  4. He worked for KCB at Kipande House
  5. He earned 600/- while working for KCB
  6. History was his favorite subject in High School
  7. Played on the wing for St Mary’s School rugby team
  8. He was the First Politician to concede defeat at the Presidential Level
  9. His favorite film is Shaka Zulu
  10. His favorite musicians are Bob Marley, Tracy Chapman and UB40
  11. He has 3 kids
  12. He is a practicing Catholic
  13. He wears specs while reading
  14. His favorite food is Nyama Choma
  15. His favorite authors are Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn
  16. His favorite TV SHOW’s are 24 and Spooks
  17. The first car he owned was an Alfa Romeo
  18. He used to personally collect horticulture for export in his pick-up
  19. He joined politics in 1989
  20. He campaigned for Matiba in 1992
  21. He first met his wife in 1978 in Mombasa
  22. His father passed away while he was in form four
  23. He has slept in St House, but it was never his home
  24. His father had 4 boys and 4 girls
  25. He worked at Burger King while in the US
  26. He fronted an Afro while in Uni
  27. His favorite beer is Tusker
  28. His favorite gadget is an Iphone
  29. If he could hang out with a band it would be UB40
  30. He favorite computer game is Tiger Woods Golf PGA Tour
  31. His favorite cartoon is The Flintstones
  32. His favorite comic is Archie
  33. His favorite color is Blue
  34. His favorite board game is backgammon
  35. The Kenya Economic Stimulus program was first launched under his leadership at the Treasury.
  36. The project that he has initiated that he would most like to see succeed is IFMIS
  37. He is the first finance Minister to create a loan facility for the JuaKali sector.
  38. If he could be any animal he would be a cheetah
  39. His pets are both a Great Dane and Chihuahau
  40. He has retained his first driver and secretary to date
  41. His favorite Ministry that he has worked in is Trade
  42. He lost the first parliamentary election.
  43. He intends to retire at 60.
  44. He proposed to his wife in Karen, Nairobi
  45. He was suspended from school?
  46. His best friend is his wife Margaret
  47. Favourite bible verses are Psalms 23, and 137
  48. The world leader he would most like to meet is Fidel Castro
  49. The most influential person he has met to date is Nelson Mandela
  50. His greatest wish is to serve the people of Kenya

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