Understanding Luo Women

February 19, 2013

Luo women are totally different from their male counter parts, they are said to stick to their men as long as she is believes she is the one and only. But don’t you dare look at another woman!

The prerequisites are as follows, you have to have style and class If you what to make any headways. Don’t show up in a Probox dressed up looking like a farmer on the first date. If you aren’t driving then you have to have really nice well-polished shoes. First impression is really important to these lakeside ladies.

Luo women like educated men or at list some basic education, so while you are courting them better talk in English never speak in Kiswahili. Don’t shy away from using big words especially the ones she does not understand. If you are in shagz feel free to use words like bombastic, charismatic, futuristic this will make a lifelong impact.

Luo women (Atoti) are prided to have “drop dead curvaceous” bodies – with ‘Adhiambo C’ being their brand name.

Compatibility: Luo, Luhya and Odieros (white men)

Verdict: They are known to be very good cooks and excellent wives, But be ready to compete with all your neighbors and relatives in terms of everything from the schools your kids go to the car you are driving…Pressure!

Bangable: ****

Nagging: *****

Cooking skills: ****

Endurance (hard times): ****

Keepers: ****


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