Open Letter To Mirfat of Tujuane

February 26, 2013

She has come out and stated that Tujuane is a scripted show and that she is not the kind of girl she appeared to be, but Kenyans are having none of that. Majority have already decided that she is a disgrace and that explains the numerous memes on social media. 

And here is an open letter written to Mirfat. 


Dear “Diva”Mirfti,

You know very well that you met George (your date for that day) and that you are just a random person that he happened to have the ungracious apathy to meet on that particular random day. (I watched Tujuane Show on KTN…I witnessed, NI kama ndrama, Ni kama Vindeo)

George showed you the basic formal respect like any normal educated human being would show and in return what did he get? A humiliating and disrespectful sneer from your mouth. Ati “am a diva…You don’t tell a diva what to do…” Diva ni sabuni na sabuni huisha. Did you know that the word Diva is just a female version of a hustler?

Did you really think that while you made the diva statement, we all would say you have class? Girl, Class is permanent (which you don’t have) and status is temporary (that’s where you belong). Classy women call themselves “Lady” and not Diva.

You also claimed that George’s English and Kiswahili is below par yet Nyani haoni Kundule…your English is just average. You need to polish your accent (go for accent coaching). And your Kiswahili is PA-THE-TIC! Lol! Ati you come from Coast? (usiwaharibie wapwani Lugha yao!!)

This Letter is about you and your arrogance and how not to cross your limits with men or any other person for that matter. And when you finally realized that you lost your argument, you shamelessly excused yourself by paying the bill with a 1000 bob!!!!. Diva, plastic money is not for ghetto people! It the modern way to pay bills!…be digital!!!

I am happy to humiliate you because you deserve every word I have said, but none of these words are rude but strong enough to pierce your icy arrogance. The next time you decide to speak your mind without thinking in front of words, I’m sure you will remember me and my words.

Yours Most Truly,
A Concerned Man


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