5 Signs It Will Not Work From The First Date

February 7, 2013
1. Your date does not pay attention to you
There will be a big problem to do with attention if:
-your date keeps referring to you constantly with a name that is not yours.
-your date keeps trying to kiss and touch you.
call-ex-your date forces you to split the bill and/or argues with you about it and perhaps even lectures you about it.
-you think you’ve answered the same question every 20 minutes…”Ati how many sisters did you say you have again?”
-your date keeps answering phone calls and chatting away for long leaving you there all fidgety trying not to look like you’re being ignored.
– your date keeps calling you sweetheart, sweets… and all those sweet nothings probably because he/she can’t remember your name.
-your date keeps staring at the waiter/waitress and commenting on how cute the waiter/waitress is.
-your date looks super duper bored with your company and wouldn’t be bothered to cheer up.

2. Your date brings friends along
You should smell a rat if your date (assuming you already know a little about each from the little conversations you’ve been having) brings with them a battalion of people. This could mean that he/she was just looking for a random plan hence brought his/her friends along for some fun at your expense.
It could get worse if your date makes you hang out with his bunch of rowdy pals…meaning he won’t pay any close attention to you and there’s a possibility he doesn’t like you that much anyway.

3. Your date lacks manners
If your date coughs and sneezes without covering their mouth, belch out loudly after every two minutes and perhaps even breaks wind, scratches all over, eats too hurriedly and too much like the world is about to end… In the future you might get your hands full taking care of an uncouth guy with no sense of hygiene whatsoever.

4. Your first date is at a club
The first date should be free of noise and rowdy crowds and so the place you go to really matters. If you go to a club and you have to keep shouting yourself sore so that your date can also strain to hear what you’re saying in return then of course something is not right. A trip to the club may be ideal after the third date onwards an not the first date. I mean, if that’s not in bad taste enough there are those funny dates who will take you club hopping on the first date…sigh!

5. Your date drinks like a fish
Like I said, first impressions count and first dates should be polite. If you have to drink…for whatever reason (whether it is supposed to give you confidence or you just love your drink)…I say, since the first date is when you have to find out things about each other, drinking should be kept to a minimum, at least not more than three beers or three glasses of wine because after that you might let too lose and unleash your inner dragon.
Drinking too much on a first date could indicate that in the future if things work out, you might just end up with an alcoholic.
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