Kenyans Shocked To Hear Sonko Speak In Fluent English on Citizen TV

January 23, 2013

Sonko appeared on Citizen News last night, and many Kenyans were hearing him speak in fluent uninterrupted English for the first time.

The former Makadara legislator was scheduled to face off with Margaret Wanjiru, but the latter did not show up. However, that did not stop the controversial Sonko from stating what he’ll do for the people of Nairobi, quoting the constitution several times, and explaining how he made his millions, and surprisingly, he did it in very good English.

Here is what Kenyans thought of his appearance.

Oooooook, Sonko quoting the Constitution with such ease!Article 27  – Francis gachuri

Oh my word, this guy #Sonko looks like a gold mine. Can he sambaza some of it to? – chris Kirubi

Why do the likes of Sonko and Waititu encourage slum existence? What do they know that we don’t? Why do they fight slum upgrades?  – Soko analyst

#Sonko on Citizen TV “I don’t know drugs…I am Sonko of all Sonkos.” Makes sense to me  -Gaetano kagwa

Sonko is a son of estate agent and he used to be estate agent  – Kipchumba murkomen

sonko claims he cant tell the diff. btwn glucose and cocaine #runupsound  – Waihiga mwaura

Which one of Sonko’s fingers has the wedding ring aka wedding bling? #SwalaNyeti  – Mac otani

Am still waiting for the part where Mike Sonko will get carried away and throw in “watu wa Makadara”” hahahahaha!!! – Alice odera

Sonko talks about growing manufacturing. That I like.   –Terryanne chebet

Mike Sonko on Citizen. Hizo files nazo! On the floor?  -Carol radull

So Sonko came with a lorry full of files on his achievements… that’s what is called a TRUCK record

Na Sonko anajua Bibilia!! That bit was impressive, the rest rather entertaining!! He evidently isn’t clear of his role as Senator tho.  – Grace Msalame

When you meet Sonko and interact at a personal level you will be surprised at how easy it is to dismiss him on first impressions on TV!!! – Naisula Lesuuda

Sonko the son of a poor, successfully wealthy land broker made millions selling 10m shillings lands at 2m shillings. He loves the poor.  –Eric Latiff

Standing Ovation @SenatorMikSonko the guy has exceeded expectation…. – Dennis Itumbi

SONKO is the man. He fights for the rich and the poor equally. He never discriminates. He is very accommodating.  –robert Alai


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