Jeff Koinange Now Flying In Private Jets (Picture)

January 27, 2013
When you leave K24 and take up a million dollar job in Johannesburg, some things in your life also change, for example, you will stop flying in Kenya Airways planes. And no, you’ll not start flying in South African Airways, or the Emirates, you stop booking flights all together. 

Former K24 TV host Jeff Koinange has quickly graduated to flying in private jets, and on Saturday, he made a flight from Davos, Switzerland to London. 
The jet in this case belonged to who he refers to as the boss, most probably his new employer. This was his tweet.

Flying back from Davos to London in the Boss’ Private Jet….Life is Tough-O!!!

However, some commentators wondered how life can be tough for a person flying in a private jet. 

uuuhmn mr Jeff Koinange is flying in a private jet but still says life is tough …… ok someone please explain to me what “tough” mean – Ding’oing’o

Jeff Koinange is in a private jet and he’s saying that life is tough. I don’t know what my life is then.” Me too  – Kelvin Njogu


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