Ezekiel Kemboi Loses Sh 4 Million In One Night.. To Gambling

December 16, 2012

3000m Olympic Steeplechase champion Ezekiel Kemboi is reported to have lost at least Sh 4 million on Thursday night, at a casino in Eldoret town. 
Apparently, the runner was new to the gambling world, and it was actually a friend who lured him to the casino, with an assurance that the money would double. Deep into the night, Kemboi found himself drunk and 4 million poorer.
He is reported to have almost collapsed on realization that he had lost all that money. Allegedly, Kemboi has now put two of his vehicles up for sale, in a bid to fill in some financial void that may have been brought about by Thursday’s incident. 

Kemboi is known to be one who enjoys life, with constant flow of only the best things in life. His high flying lifestyle sometime lead him into trouble, for instance the recent claims by an Eldoret woman that Kemboi had stabbed her.
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