What Uhuru And Maina Kageni Drink.. Shocking… (Social Media’s Best Pics This Week)

November 29, 2012
For many days we’ve been wondering why the Johnny Gill concert recently held in Nairobi was not for every Dick and Harry. Finally, we have the answer, and surprisingly it’s not because of his genre of music, but the alcohol price tag. 
Many Kenyans think we have one month to register for the election, which is actually true only if the days were not moving. Wake up, we are now eating up the second week. And its always inspiring when we look at other people’s condition and realize how much we take ours for granted. Case example, is this picture that has been doing rounds on how voter registration is being carried out in Garissa.Their version of BVR is quite different..
And then to wrap up the week, we have some free advise on how to survive should someone try to kill you with a pillow. 
Below are this weeks best pictures, collected from around.

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