Type of Women Kenyan Men Should Avoid

November 14, 2012
-She claims she is worth Sh 1 million dowry
-She listens to Riddims
-She says thate fae, dthhree and twelof
-when talking about some intellect topic she only just shakes her head in agreement & says ”enyewe”
-her shoe size is 9 or more
-she talks like bonoko
-she puts sugar cane in fruit salad
-she washes sukuma wiki after cutting it then adds water after frying it {supuu}
-she has a nyahunyo in her handbag
-instead of saying goodnight she says ‘STRONG”
-all mathree deres hoot at her when ur walking
down the street
-her chapos are hexagonal’
-She never misses to watch wrestling
-when you ask her how she’s doing, she answers ‘Hakuna wow wow!’
-she has wider & bigger shoulders than you & arms too”
-her legs are more hairy than yours
-She Eats her toenails & calls it a Pedicure
-shes asks for 50 bob fare{ and not a cab}
-if she plays draft..
-She sleeps in a Bamburi Cement T shirt
-She was ‘first body’ 4yrs in a row at some shaddy school I.e (Weteithie Mixed Secondary, Nyeri.)
-kuvaa paperbag in this rain over her weave!!
-You tell her how much you love her & she`s your sweetheart …She replies: wazi wazi msee wangu, haina pressure
-Her favourite songs are brues, leggae, lock lap and laggah!.

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