Tazama Chapaa’s Shiku Kaittany Prematurely Returns To Your TV

November 19, 2012

She’s Back

Just when you thought you’ll not be seeing her on your TV screens until the next season of Tazama Chapaa, Shiku Kaittany is back. The often badly dressed Shiku is once again taking a familiar role. She’s not telling you to ‘Tazama Citizen’ , but something close to that.
Shiku is the new face of Safaricom’s Bonyeza Ushinde competition. Her job is pretty easy; issue dummy cheques and convince us to continue sending SMSs to increase our chances of becoming millionaires. Safaricom really wants to drive its message home, as witnessed by the numerous celebrities involved in Bonyeza Ushinde’s advertisements. Among them are Jalang’o and Size 8, and now Shiku. 
Her latest contract may see her cement her role as Kenya’s no. 1. It’s not often that one face stays on the same competition as has Shiku. Tahidi High’s OJ and Tanya only worked for one season of ‘Zawadi 2929’. Shiku on the other hand has not only cemented her position at RMS, but even picked up a new employer on the way. Her dressing has unfortunately not changed.
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