"Win Back Ruto And Mudavadi Or Lose" Esther Arunga Tells Raila

October 4, 2012
Esther Arunga has dropped us another lengthy letter, this time addressed to non other than ODM Presidential candidate Raila Odinga.
Save some minutes and see it to the end.

Usually when one is engaging in correspondence, you expect them to commence with meticulousness and niceties, I will skip all that because for all intents and purposes, this is not a note to find out how the Prime Minister @OdingaRaila is doing because oh yell, I KNOW how the Prime Minister is doing! I will instead cavort to the tickled pinks of this correspondence and address the reason behind my taking precious time to commit to composing for the Rt. Hon. PM, a missive which he might never pore over anyway. You might be in consternation as to why I am procrastinating, wasting your time and mine. Just remember that we the youth of the Great Lakes region are mounded with discomposure against it’s ruling guard. Those people around must be targeted now and be melted away as candle wax.

Let us get to the inventory of this letter. First of all those people deemed responsible for purposes of propelling the agenda of the party have no idea what the party is about. All they do is engage in chest thumping. While other parties are out recruiting members, our party officials are busy plotting how they will get direct nominations come the next general election. If they are not doing that they are busy looking for ways to get close to you for the selfish reason of clinching favors. I have no idea what these favors always are but I can confirm that people surrounding you come out questionably rich and politically strong. Look at Caroli Omondi who at one time dared ask me to quit KTN and work for UNHCR in Daadab voluntarily as a legal consultant, really, I am not insinuating anything here! ODM should not underrate Miguna’s complaints simply because there’s hate. It’s opprobrious, leave Miguna out of this and prove wrong the finger pointers by appending and circumventing those named personalities from any elections until proven not guilty. They also lacerated us. I can remember at Nyayo House my husband was locked up with no food for days, and then handed over to Kileleshwa Police Station with no charges. If I am misleading then let the OB dated 1st April 2010 be brought to light. No charges were tagged to my husband’s name. He was illegally locked until the OCPD of Kilimani intervened and asked the immigration to repatriate him from there. All these acts show Kenyans that ODM is a vengeful party with anger they have kept for decades awaiting full blown retaliation. Rt Hon PM, kindly, these hooligans in the name of “waheshimiwa” must go.
Those hooligans who enact in the name of defending PM’s name, kindly crack a whip right now. You’re not a regional President but a nation’s president in waiting, if you play your cards well and listen to grievances down the river. All the people or hit men who tortured and continue to torture us must be brought to book. They must tell Kenyans why we’re always the victims of circumstances. Why are we being banned from stepping on Kenyan soil, we’re Kenyans and deserve the right of political freedom of expression!

Truth be told Rt. Hon., let’s make it clear at this point; I’ve been a dyed-in-the-wool member of the party. I’ve served in the party for some years as a youth leader at a disclosed division in Nairobi. I’ve been involved in recruiting party members in the past. I’ve defended that party online and offline but still faced accusations of being a traitor. Now that we have that cleared, I am perturbed that a party that was just launched less than 6 months ago has more party members than ODM. It makes you wonder what ODM officials have been doing in those offices, down from the grassroots. This is how people at large view ODM’s landscape, there’s no freedom inside the pot.

This is why I call most ODM members at secretariat level vociferationists and people who engage in imaginary wars with imaginary foes to gander as if they’re working for the party while in the real sense they’re pushing their own selfish agendas. Party hypocrites successfully convinced the Luos working within the government circles to torture us in the name of having challenged you. ODM has no other choice but to extend olive branches and work with the former bulldogs like Messrs Ruto, Balala, Mudavadi and others. In the wake of the latest headlines and happenings in the party, where we are having massive exodus, I wonder and pose a question to you Bwana PM, what is happening? I know people have a tendency of asking too much from you: from ministerial positions to direct nominations; to settle squatters and even kick ex-presidents from water catchment areas, but it is about time you got a way of reigning in party members who are responsible for misgestalting the party’s image. It has given other tribal chiefs a platform to caution their communities that ODM government could reign as a retaliation government. Again I know you have no reformatory to hold such people!

I am not sure what powers several non performing MPs incubate. I’d like to know because for real, they got into parliament by means of skewed nominations that the party effectuated in 2007, but these are eons ago. Why is ODM rocking it’s own boat from within? I say this with the Orange Youth Democrats League and Orange Women Democrats league elections in mind. Those in the know must be aware of what I’ve been talking about. Those so called ODM goons should stop tout de suite from featuring in committing sycophancy diseases especially in a scenario where my learned fellow Barrister Miguna Miguna was berated publicly. It pours cold nerve numbs to the citizenry with uncertain imaginations like “what if they clinched power today?” It sends a bad dictatorial picturesque of a thug minded filled party while in reality, that may not be the case. Rt. Hon., avoid asking others who can’t work with you to rejoin you at the table, why do you keep ignoring the potential in your own youth??? Give youth in ODM a chance and you personally will be perplexed. Assure your voters they’ll be no direct nominations as gifts and awards to those who “generously contribute” towards the party’s kitty. Kick out lobbyists from your corridors, you’ll be safe. Give women a chance to rise up in the greater lake region. Install a system to caution and discourage the so-called ODM militia groups who will go out of their way to crush and kill other aspirants or political party members. Just like those ones who shot at us and forced us to flee Kenya. Just like those ones who attacked us during our campaigns in Kisumu.

Secondly, it is about time all those people who are prowling as ODM officials/members..especially on those social sites learned a thing or two on courtesy and politics 101; and move out of the comfort of their laptops and grace the party with serious recruitment. I am made to believe that our party ODM has been built up in the media but lacks the grassroots support that builds a massive political party. Having been involved in the affairs of the party before, (I can no longer hold my party positions since I am seeking a higher political post in Kenya), I believe that most of the youth who chauffeur this political party do not even own national identification cards. The irony is that the ministerial position that is responsible for issuing ID’s is under ODM, another Minister who has failed in an epic way! He has earned a doctorate as my husband’s torturer! Other political parties must be given a genuine balanced arena and security to campaign in Nyanza without expectations of violence. Just as you Rt Hon PM freely roam other greater vote basket regions without opposition. This way, you’ll regain the trust temporarily lost.

Otieno Kajwang’ who TORTURED my husband in the name of Immigration charges can sing his “mapambano” tunes but has failed as a party’s top minister, youth misery alleviater and to worsen the matter his constituency Mbita is one of the least developed. I hope he will not sing his way to the Senate as he sang his way to the legislative assembly. That remains a story for another day. It is a sad day for me to be an ODM segment, it is a sad time to imagine that you’re anywhere near the presidency unless you overhaul the secretariat. My 8 cent advice, take it or leave it, is that to regain some substantial stab at the presidency of this country then you must get rid of these sycophants, vultures and conglomerates.This is as my fellow Barrister at Law Miguna Miguna would call them. Those who surround and want to use your name to attain power must be mushroomly uprooted, otherwise you will have no alternative but to retire with president Kibaki. My advise to you Mr Rt Hon PM, these vultures whom I’d faced for press briefings during my press interview takes had confirmed they were never loyal to you but for cornucopia!! You abandoned the loyal people and retained tapeworms who just but continuously suckle your kinetic energy. They owe you no loyalty in ODM. They’ve gagged the youth from Nyanza from take center stage politics. CIDs affiliated with ODM have been misused for selfish reasons, especially in the torture that we experienced for political expressions and bill of rights stamped on. “Mapambano” era has passed, tutapambana hadi 2090?? Let’s all kill this “mapambano” slogan and concentrate in refurbishing reality. He’s not yet constructed bridges connecting Rusinga Island and Mbita mainland. There are no modern ferries between Mfangano and Rusinga. Otherwise Rt Hon., you’ll wake to crude awe and shock that other parties sliced huge chunks of voters in the 2013 elections. Nyanza youths are discreetly getting recruited into several of these other parties while entertaining you during your trips to the region. Their hearts and loyalty are long gone and twisted. We from the Great Lakes Region languish behind other Kenyans in development records while we own vast wealth.

Nyanza produces the following:-

-Aegirine, Albite, Arfvedsonite, Baryte, Biotite, Calcite, Cancrinite, Eudyalite, Diopside, Flourite, Goethite, Forsterite, Wollastonite and Gold in general from Ruri, Huma, Buru-Kuge and Rangwe complexes. These are supposed to be earning youths in Nyanza some livelihood but it is the opposite. The minerals only benefit outsiders.
-Before 2003, Nyanza ranked as the world’s largest producer region of pyrethrum. This has since been taken over by Rwanda. What of cotton?
-Away from the Rift Valley, Nyanza should be the second largest producer of wind and solar energy. It should be the largest supplier of fresh water to the rest of Kenya. Youths should be hired with the latest know how in this industry to create jobs, zero!!
-Nyanza should lead by example to others as the inventor of rural home loans for youth to acquire loans and construct their permanent homes empowered with solar energy and fresh water boreholes. The loans can be repaid in installments of up to 25 years.
-A system could have introduced an RFID system shopping cards to empower rural shopping at low costs and bar the wealthy from accessing such shopping centers.
-China has overtaken Nyanza region as the world’s largest exporter of tilapia. Tilapia have been used as biological controls for certain aquatic plant problems. They have a preference for a floating aquatic plant, duckweed (Lemna sp.) but also consume some filamentous alga. In Kenya, tilapia were introduced to control mosquitoes which were causing malaria, because they consume mosquito larvae, consequently reducing the numbers of adult female mosquitoes, the vector of the disease (Petr 2000). . Hyacinth has killed tilapia production in Nyanza.

All these and other wealth resources shows that Nyanza is supposed to be Kenya’s 2nd bread basket after Rift Valley region. It means our people are supposed to be enjoying the same lifestyle as of Gatanga constituents.

In the 2007 election, we were made to believe that your ‘right’ to presidency of this country was stolen from you, I have no doubt in my mind that it happened. But let me not dwell there, for people will start importune questions which may turn to a bedrock of numb aghastness. In the atmosphere, you are as close to the presidency as you have never been, yet on the ground, you’re as far as you’ve ever been. You might even oversight the locowagon altogether! When I look around, I see that you’re missing the dots of what is factorizing you. I’ve been looking at the happenings within the so called ‘humongous’ party in Kenya today, but I am surprised you still live in the past to imagine that ODM is the largest party. Kindly, advise the opinion poll strategists to halt at once from those inconsistent ostentation of polls on TV.

It bedazzles to see today people like the former AG Amos Wako finds you credible enough to be his president! It bedazzles to see Maina Njenga with ‘all’ his ‘followers’ can only manage less than 500 votes in Kangema and you still hope that he has something to contribute to your presidency. It bedazzles that you ignore the snafus undertaking in party nominations, just a few to name, Kamukunji By election, The current MP Hassan who is there courtesy of PNU was an ODM member and Kajiado MP Ole Sakuda who is there courtesy of TNA was an ODM member! It really fogs how ODM nominations and elections are carried out. Where are the youth you promised freedom of expression because the ODM central committee lacks the faces of promising and loyally vibrant development conscious youths. Zero. ODM has lacked geopolitical application which Bill Clinton calls “arithmetic”.

This letter cannot end without placing my concerns for the upcoming nominations. It does scare me as an aspirant that I may spend all that wherewithal, time, energy and at the end I may not get free and fair nomination. I press upon you to put in place good party mechanisms that will ensure the nominations are free and fair. Though you’ve made this declaration, it has only been seen by other postulants as a road side promulgation. The youth who were hoping to join the party’s politics can now confirm it’s evident that ODM isn’t ready to hold, free, fair and credible nominations any day soon.

I urge you to please unfetter the gloms and busy bodies who roam by your side to create cornucopia and get political favors by associating with you. I urge you to closely take a look at your secretariat. We’re aware of people who have agitated and fought for other party manifestos in the past few weeks and are today well employed in your secretariat. It bedazzles Bwana PM.
Funnily enough the concerns herein are not mine alone. We’ve been strong defenders of ODM within the circles of credo and outside the spheres of the retium. But it comes to that point that someone has to stop being a blind sycophant and concentrate on pressing issues. This has been the sound of a many of us out here who would otherwise not have a platform to address you. Beware that in the coming months, these fatigued youths are planning a massive exodus unless otherwise.

You’re an assiduous man with limited time but kindly ensure you put a few of these things into consideration before the Orange Juice spills and turns into lemonade! Listen to the youth’s outcry, set down your shoe lace and help us build a nation we’d like to see. Thanks Rt. Hon. the Prime Minster though without niceties again.

Yours Sincerely,

Esther Timberlake
Candidate for Deputy President’s post

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