After Surviving Panga Attack, Amason Kingi Joins Karate Class

October 8, 2012

“If I had continued with karate training.. I’m sure I would have saved my bodyguard.”

amason kinginAfter surviving a panga attack which unfortunately took away the life of his bodyguard, Fisheries Minister, Amason Kingi is set to start taking Karate lessons. Last week, the minister’s political rally was ambushed by suspected MRC members who killed four people including the minister’s bodyguard. Kingi was able to escape unhurt.
Addressing hundreds of sportswomen and sportsmen gathered for the annual Inter-Counties Karate Tournament at the Watamu Sports Centre, Kingi revealed that he had previously started Karate lessons, about 10 years ago, but stopped following increased political commitments, a decision he now regrets. 
“If I had continued with karate training, which I registered for many years ago, but only attended a few lessons, I’m sure I would have saved my bodyguard. I would have defended myself confidently. I must resume karate lessons next week,”  he said
Caleb Atemi, the Kenya Karate Federation (KKF), chairman welcomed the move and assured him that with Karate skills, a panga cannot be used successfully on him. “Anybody trying to attack a trained karateka with a panga, like the gang which attacked the minister’s bodyguard, would be disarmed in seconds… a panga is a big joke to well trained and alert people.”
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