Standard Group Website Hacked

August 23, 2012
Today, Standard Group became the latest casualty of cyber attack. Their recently revamped website, was briefly inaccessible. For a short period, visitors to the site were welcomed with the following message.

“you have been hacked by sl3nd3r

I am a grey hat

I am just having fun with you today

tomorrow august, 23 2012 I will post your vulnerabilities

I suggest to fix them ASAP before a black hat comes in and does damage

I hope that you will take my Advice.’’

The Mombasa road based media house acted fast by redirecting its desktop visitors to its mobile website, which uses a different platform. They were also quick to inform their readers of their predicament. This is what they posted on twitter. 

Dear readers,We wish to inform you that our site is temporarily down but the mobile site is up. Bear with us as we rectify.
— The Standard Digital (@StandardKenya) August 23, 2012

Just recently, KBC’s website was hacked by a 16 year old Rwandese, who went further and revealed thousands of email addresses and passwords uses by its staff. Another victim of hacking has been the Government of Kenya, which had 103 of its websites brought down.

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