Zetech College Setting New Standards.

July 20, 2012

“Taking your laptop on a test run, you will find out that the internet speeds offered at Zetech are way above the industry average.”

zetech college
One name that reverberates when college education is mentioned in Kenya, is Zetech College. The institution of higher learning has over the years built a reputation in providing quality education to people from all over the region. Unlike other colleges, Zetech has seen its students come from far countries, including: Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan and even from as far as India. 
Established in 1999, the college has outgrown itself. Currently, it has 6 campuses. 
1. Pioneer Campus – Pioneer House
2. Summit Campus – Summit House
3. Westlands Campus – Reliance Centre
4. Agriculture Campus – Agriculture House
5. Hamilton Campus – Hamilton House
6. Stanbank Campus – Stanbank House
It is Zetech’s vision to be the leading university in research and knowledge creation. That explains the numerous trips its students get accustomed to. Just this week, journalism students went to Egerton University to discover the llama, a very rare animal which was just recently introduced to Kenya from Peru. As part of their research, Zetech students are taken to various centres of excellence and related fields, so that they can train with the best. 
On-campus research is made possible with the vast resources available. Zetech library is a source of unlimited information for all students. Supplementing the over 2500 volumes of hard copies, is a full time internet connection serving tens of computers. The library has a sitting capacity of over 200. It is open Monday through Saturday, from early morning till late evening. Students can either choose to read books inside the library, or borrow them and read at home.
To supplement the work of the library, Zetech management has setup free Wi-Fi connection in two of its campuses. Students at the Pioneer and Agriculture campuses can now access all the information they need, from their laptops or other high end devices, thanks to this new initiative. Taking your laptop on a test run, you will find out that the internet speeds offered at Zetech are way above the industry average.  
While launching the Wi-Fi network, Zetech college principal,Prof. Edwin K. Wamukoya said, “Wi-Fi is something that is expected universally by students of all colleges across different countries around the globe. I’d like to thank the IT Department for making internet accessible to the students. This is a sure way of not only ensuring they gather information for their academic assignments, but ensures the information they access is current.” He added that plans are at an advanced stage to launch the same in the rest of the Zetech campuses.
zetech college ruiru campus
An artist’s impression of the upcoming Zetech College Ruiru Campus
Zetech is currently undertaking a very ambitious project of turning itself into a University. As part of this, construction is underway at Ruiru for what will be its Ruiru Campus. Located directly opposite Devki Steel Mills, along the Thika Super Highway, is a 4 storey ultra modern university complex, expected to be complete in a few months time. The location of the campus is serene and calm away from city. With the completion of Thika Super Highway, it will take a few minutes to get to the campus from Nairobi’s CBD.
Currently, the institution has a student population of 5000 and the number is set to increase drastically once the new campus is complete. The big population is brought about by the big number of courses on offer, ranging from ICT, Hospitality, Tourism, Business and languages. This is over and above their partnership with JKUAT, where more courses are on offer. 
Additional information from zetechcollege.com

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