Thwake Dam Project Reaches Final Stages Ahead of Schedule

June 19, 2024

The construction of Thwake Dam is on track for completion by December 10, 2024, following the final filling of its embankment area.

Zachariah Njeru, Cabinet Secretary for Water, Sanitation, and Irrigation, witnessed the closure of the embankment area and noted that the dam filling is expected to span approximately two normal rainy seasons.

The completion of the embankment sets the stage for various downstream activities that will revolutionize water supply, power generation, and agricultural irrigation in the Ukambani region.

Currently, ongoing civil works and related activities for the dam are progressing, with overall completion standing at 93.63%, slightly ahead of the scheduled 92.77%.

The first phase of the project involves constructing an 80.5-meter Concrete Face Rockfill Dam (CFRD) with a storage capacity of 688 million cubic meters.

This phase, with a budget of Kes.36.97 billion, is nearing finalization, with the embankment already 99% filled.

The second phase will focus on developing water supply, sanitation, and wastewater infrastructure, providing 150,000 cubic meters of treated water daily to approximately 1.3 million people in Kitui, Makueni, and Konza Techno City in Machakos County.

Phases three and four of the Thwake Dam project will include installing a hydropower system with a 20 MW capacity and developing an irrigation scheme covering 40,000 hectares.

CS Njeru said the project has generated more than 1,200 local jobs and enhanced transportation networks through road upgrades.

Moreover, the initiative has reportedly had a positive impact on land values in the region, leading to heightened interest in real estate and business ventures that are anticipated to bolster economic growth even further.

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