NTSA Reports Decrease in Road Accidents and Fatalities Over the Past Month

May 17, 2024

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has reported a decline in the number of road accidents and fatalities across the country in the past month.

The authority attributes the decrease in accidents and deaths to a rigorous road safety campaign.

Patrick Tilitei, NTSA Bomet regional coordinator, credits the reduction to continuous awareness efforts and enforcement of traffic rules, alongside various safety campaigns.

Tilitei noted, “The numbers have started going down in terms of road crashes, injuries, and fatalities compared to previous months.”

He emphasized that the initiatives put in place by the authority are yielding positive results and urged Kenyans to support the campaign aimed at ensuring road safety at all times.

Tilitei highlighted the importance of road safety, especially with schools reopening: “As learners are going to the normal way of learning, they should be taught the rules on the roads like when crossing and all the measures that revolve around road safety so that they can be secure.”

The NTSA has also partnered with the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Nacada) to combat drug abuse among motorists and students.

Victor Kisachi, Bomet Central Deputy Subcounty Commissioner, reaffirmed the government’s commitment to reducing road accidents.

“No matter the status you hold, as the government we value all the lives and that is why we are partnering with NTSA, to make sure all Kenyans are safe,” Kisachi said.

He pointed out the importance of road users adhering to government regulations to prevent avoidable accidents.

“The future of this country is bright and we want you to be part of the future. So don’t lose your lives in a careless manner,” Kisachi implored.

Aaron Mutai from the Wakili Hillary Sigei Foundation said more focus is on educating bodaboda riders due to the high number of fatalities in the sector, with a loss of five to 10 riders per month due to road accidents.

“With these rising road accidents among riders, we decided as the office of the Bomet senator in conjunction with the foundation to start sensitising our people so that we prevent the loss of lives being experienced in the sector,” Mutai said.

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