Crackdown on Security Companies and Guards Commences

May 31, 2024
Security Guards Taking part in a standardized training program developed by the government

The Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA) has initiated a nationwide crackdown on unregistered security guards and companies.

In a statement released on Wednesday, May 29, PSRA announced the crackdown, emphasizing that it is conducting operations nationwide to sift out unqualified guards.

The authority further revealed that it was conducting the crackdown to identify employers who were hiring unqualified security guards.

“Our compliance and enforcement department is currently undertaking robust countrywide; assignment to assignment, door to door, client to client enforcement visits and field compliance operations.

“To ensure that all users and prospective users of private security services only engage security companies whose private security officers meet the statutory requirements of training, registration, and are in possession of Guard Force Numbers,” read part of the statement.

According to PSRA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Fazul Mahamed, a Guard Force Number (GFN) serves as the sole proof that a private security officer is duly trained, registered, and licensed by the Authority in accordance with the Private Security Regulation Act.

Furthermore, Mahamed cautioned that individuals found guilty of operating without a GFN could face conviction as per the Act.

The CEO advised all security guards to ensure they possess a GFN and meet other prescribed requirements before officially serving as private security guards.

Additionally, PSRA emphasized that a firm utilizing the services of an unregistered private security company is also in violation.

The Authority cautioned that such firms risk facing a Kes.2 million fine or imprisonment as determined by the court.

Simultaneously, Fazul underscored that private security companies disregarding this guideline risk having their operating licenses revoked or being deregistered in accordance with the Act, in addition to the specified fines.

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