City Hall Revenue Increases by 32% Due to Higher Taxes

May 17, 2024

In the nine months leading to March, Nairobi County achieved a record high in internal revenue, with an increase of Kes.2.3 billion for the financial year ending June.

According to the latest data from the county, City Hall’s revenue surged by 32 percent, reaching Kes.9.34 billion compared to Kes.7.12 billion in the same period last year.

This increase was notably driven by significant rises in revenue collection from single business permits (SBPs), building permits, and land rates. The highest internal revenue collection by City Hall in a full financial year since the beginning of devolution stands at Kes.10.9 billion, recorded in the year ending June 2019.

Notably, collections from SBPs saw the highest jump to Kes.1.79 billion from Kes.1.29 billion (38.7 percent), followed by building permits which increased by 33 percent to Kes.917 million, and land rates by 21 percent to Kes.2.63 billion.

City Hall also enforced mandatory payments of rates for residents owning apartments with shared common areas starting January. These rates are determined by the size and location of the unit.

Additionally, the county raised license fees for various business permits and introduced an annual Kes.10,000 certificate for water bowsers. Since September last year, motorists have been paying Kes.300 for parking in the Central Business District, up from Kes.200.

“We are on course to collect the highest revenue this financial year due to the measures that we have introduced. Our OSR (own-source revenue)has been on a steady rise. We expect sustained growth going forward,” Governor Sakaja observed.

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