Sakaja Reveals Plans For ‘Sherehe Zone’ in Uhuru Park

April 19, 2024

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has revealed his ambitious plan to designate a ‘Sherehe’ zone at Uhuru Park for entertainment purposes, which will include a nightclub.

During the official handover of Uhuru Park and Central Park from the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) on Thursday, Sakaja announced plans to establish diverse social facilities on the newly revamped Uhuru Park grounds in Nairobi.

The County boss outlined his plan to transform the park into a thriving social and economic hub that embraces Kenyan culture and boosts county revenue.

Additionally, he announced the construction of restaurants and conference centers in the park through partnerships with the private sector.

As for the nightclub, the governor said it would provide people with an alternative to opening nightclubs within Nairobi estates.

“There is a nightclub that is going to be here. We agreed hiyo kupiga kelele kwa estate muache. You can come here and scream until the cows come home. That is the zone, sherehe mfanyie hapo,” he said.

Sakaja specified that additional projects in the park, including Swahili and African restaurants, among others, will be constructed under public-private partnerships (PPPs). He assured that the specific locations for these facilities have already been identified, ensuring transparency in the process for those interested in operating businesses within the park.

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He announced that the county government will soon initiate the tendering process in accordance with the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act (PPDA).

“We are going to issue tenders for the business facilities that are here. We have restaurants that need to be run, a PPP for people to build, there’s a Biosphere restaurant, an African restaurant, a Swahili restaurant, there is a nightclub that is going to be here,” he said.

Sakaja emphasized that access to the park will remain free for Kenyans, but various measures and regulations will be implemented to ensure order and security, including the mandatory presentation of identification cards at entry points.

However, certain sections of Central Park will require a fee due to their exclusive nature.

“There is a beautiful Nyatiti feature for weddings and we can agree on how much it is per month we can bring that to the Finance Bill in the Assembly,” he said.

Sakaja’s Appeal to Nairobians

The governor at the same time appealed to the public, particularly Nairobi dwellers, to safeguard the park and refrain from any acts of vandalism. He urged them to adhere to the park rules posted at the entrance to the facility.

Sakaja emphasized that the undertaken activities incurred high costs.

“Let us commit ourselves to the preservation and enhancement of this park and others parks across the city,” he said while asking those who have encroached into it to immediately move out.

“Everybody who has encroached on the park, just do it on your own so that when we come you will not say we have demolished because we shall not leave until we have restored it.”

Sakaja added that there are still pending works to be undertaken, estimated to cost about half a billion shillings. This includes the installation of dancing fountains, which will require Kes.156 million.

“We are going to drain this entire pond so that we can concrete it to have clear water so that you can even enjoy the boat ride. We want to see ducks floating here, as it is you cannot have life because the ground is sand,” the governor said.

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