President Ruto – We Will Continue Making Difficult and Unpopular Decisions

April 15, 2024

President William Ruto has underscored his administration’s commitment to making decisions based on long-term benefits rather than short-term popularity.

Speaking on Sunday at St. Peter’s ACK in Nyeri during the retirement service of Mt. Kenya West ACK Bishop Joseph Kagunda, Ruto emphasized the importance of leadership over popularity.

“In our country, there’s a tendency for leaders to prioritize decisions that make them popular. In my administration, we will continue to make tough decisions that will yield positive results in the future, even if they are initially unpopular. We were elected to lead, not to seek popularity,” he said.

President Ruto highlighted past decisions, such as abolishing subsidies on petrol and maize flour, which faced public backlash but ultimately resulted in price reductions.

“When we removed subsidies on these commodities, we faced criticism, but now Kenyans are benefiting from lower prices. This illustrates the value of making difficult decisions for the greater good,” Ruto asserted.

Ruto at the same time reaffirmed his government’s commitment to addressing issues like fertilizer scams, promising strict legal action against offenders.

“Those involved in these corrupt practices will face the full force of the law. We will not allow them to undermine our efforts to feed the nation,” he said.

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