“I am succeeding in my work,” Linturi Responds to Looming Impeachment

April 29, 2024

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi has brushed off plans by some leaders to impeach him over the fake fertilizer scandal, stating that his conscience is clear.

Linturi defended the government’s fertilizer subsidy program, stating that it has boosted agricultural production and reduced the cost of goods.

The CS declared that he would not lose focus, emphasizing his commitment to quietly fulfilling his mandate to ensure the President’s goal of developing the agriculture sector remains on track.

“I am in government, and the President understands the work that I am doing. I do not fear threats. I am working to empower farmers. Let us stay away from the propaganda. I am a believer and believer in the Bible,” said Linturi.

The undefire CS said: “The Bible gives me strength. Some people want to bring other issues when I am succeeding in my work.”

While representing Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua during a funds drive at Riiji Catholic Parish, the CS noted that upon assuming office at the ministry, the cost of living was high, and there was a food shortage.

He mentioned that the government had to resort to importing rice and maize, but he took steps to enroll 6.5 million Kenyans in government subsidy programs.

“I am proud that Kenya is now self-sufficient in maize production. We subsidised fertiliser,” he said.

CS Linturi reassured residents of his accountability and responsibility, affirming that he had committed no wrongdoing. He expressed confidence in Parliament’s capacity to distance itself from propaganda.

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