PHOTOS – CS Murkomen Welcomes New Wagons for SGR Freight Operations

February 6, 2024

On Monday, Kipchumba Murkomen, the Cabinet Secretary for Roads and Transport, announced the State has obtained 50 new wagons to enhance the operations of the Madaraka Express freight service.

CS Murkomen said the new wagons represent a significant milestone for Kenya and the region, aligning with the Ministry’s efforts to enhance rail services and efficiency.

The CS emphasized that, for Kenya to maintain its competitiveness, the country must persist in enhancing its transport infrastructure. He stated that the Ministry will consequently guarantee the availability of essential human capital, operational assets, and information systems to accomplish these objectives.

CS Murkomen pointed out that the new shipment marks the first time new wagons have been added since the inauguration of the SGR in May 2017.

He also mentioned that out of the procured wagons, 20 will be equipped with power plugins to facilitate the transportation of refrigerated containers, tapping into previously unexplored business opportunities for the SGR.

“The refrigerated wagons will be a big boost to our horticultural sector. We will be able to respond to the preferences of customers from around the world,” Murkomen said.

The CS also announced that a second shipment of 250 wagons is expected this month.

“A second shipment of 250 wagons was loaded at the Tianjin port in China in late January and is expected to arrive this month,” he said.

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