Embakasi Gas Explosion: Raila Attributes Tragedy to Inadequate Planning and Negligence

February 6, 2024

Raila Odinga has criticized the government for the Embakasi explosion, which has resulted in six fatalities and injuries to over 200 others.

Odinga said that the incident was a clear instance of negligence by government authorities who permitted the now-declared illegal gas filling plant to operate.

Raila stated that the tragedy was a result of a disregard for town planning regulations, which include zoning and allocating land for specific uses

“Currently Nairobi is mourning its dead and treating hundreds of others, The city ignored planning, planning was long discarded they allowed a gas plant where none was alllowed to,” the former Prime Minister said.

Raila urged counties to enhance measures on planning activities, believes that proper planning will prevent future tragedies and make cities more attractive to investors.

He addressed the issue in Kisumu on Monday during the launch of Kisumu Water and Sanitation Company Limited (KIWASCO) strategic plan.

Meanwhile, the Independent Gas Dealers Association of Kenya and the Red Cross have collaborated to offer aid and assistance to the victims of the gas explosion in Embakasi, Nairobi.

During the event, the Association’s Chairperson, Yusuf Adan, declared that as part of their social response, they would contribute Ksh 400,000 to the Red Cross organization to support the victims.

In addition, Adan and other board members pledged direct cash donations totaling Ksh 1.5 million to the victims for necessities such as food, blankets, and essential commodities.

Adan vowed to collaborate with government agencies like EPRA to eradicate illegal gas dealers and ensure strict compliance with regulatory guidelines and safety standards.

On his part, Joe Mbalu, Deputy Secretary General of Kenya Red Cross, reassured the affected citizens that the organization is actively working to reunite families and distribute aid in real-time.

“Red Cross and other stakeholders are working hand in hand to provide medical and psychological assistance since we recognize the traumatic nature of this event,” said Mbalu.

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