City Man Shoots Himself Inside Taxi After Meeting with his Lawyer

February 28, 2024

An elderly man reportedly died by suicide after shooting himself inside a taxi in Nairobi’s South B area.

Abdalla Mohamed, 72, reportedly shot himself in the chin while seated in the back seat of a taxi he had hired to take him to a hospital in South B.

According to Citizen Digital, the deceased, a licensed gun holder, had taken out his Berreta Pistol from the safe to meet his lawyer.

Following the meeting with the lawyer, Citizen reports that Mohamed called one of his long-term cab drivers to transport him to the hospital. Upon reaching the destination, he retrieved the gun and shot himself while waiting in the emergency area.

According to sources, Mohamed seldom carried his pistol, but on the day of the incident, he retrieved it and visited his lawyer.

The police are currently investigating the incident to unravel the mystery behind the shooting.

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