Woman Seen Harassing Staff at Port Victoria Hospital Surrenders to Busia Police

January 8, 2024

On Sunday, the woman caught on camera harassing and abusing hospital staff at Port Victoria Hospital in Busia County surrendered to the police. Vanessa Ogema walked into Busia police station at noon, covering her face with a surgical mask and a hood.

Ms Ogema surrendered after being summoned to record a statement after the victims of her harassment had already provided their statements to the police, accusing Ogema and a male colleague.

In the viral video circulating on January 3, Ogema and an unidentified man were filmed harassing hospital staff. The woman created chaos by throwing files on the floor and striking a table while shouting at the hospital staff.

The incident stirred public concern, with members of the public calling for appropriate action against the woman.

On Friday, January 5, normal operations at the Port Victoria sub-county hospital came to a halt as nurses went on strike to protest the attack.

Families were compelled to relocate their patients to other hospitals as the nurses ceased work, expressing their discontent over the incident on January 2, 2024, when Ogema and her colleague demanded prompt healthcare services for their relative.

The Busia County government, in a statement to newsrooms, highlighted that hospital property, including an oxygen concentrator, was damaged during the incident.

The police on Sunday stated that Vanessa Ogema would be processed pending arraignment this week.

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