Mudavadi Affirms Kenya is not at War with Neighbours

January 22, 2024

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has denied claims that Nairobi is in a diplomatic dispute with other capitals in the region.

As the country’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Mudavadi asserts that Kenya is actively promoting peaceful co-existence in the region, even in countries experiencing internal conflict. He refutes the reports in the media that portray a contrary image, stating that they are wrong and unfounded.

“Our brothers in the media, Kenya is not at war with any of its neighbours. In fact, the president is on the frontline kuleta amani katika eneo hii. Mataita yanayumba yumba, yanapigana, na rais wetu William Samoei Ruto yuko mstari wa mbele kuhakikisha kwamba Amani inarejea katika hizi mataifa kwa sababu vita kule itanyemelea hapa,” said Mudavadi.

In case of any misunderstanding or arising issues, the Prime Cabinet Secretary said that Kenya has channels to resolve them. He urged the media to refrain from exaggerating matters.

“Nataka niombe tu wale ambao wanaandika, kwa sababu wanasema kuna vita inatokea pale, kuna kasoro hapa, please, there is no problem with our neighbours in so far as Kenya is concerned and if there are any issues they are normally solved diplomatically,” he said

“Please note that and stop spreading falsehoods,” pleaded Mudavadi.

He was speaking in Busia County, in the company of President William Ruto who was attending a thanks-giving ceremony for a lawmaker allied to the ruling party, Mary Emase of Teso South

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