Mike Sonko Facebook Impersonator Charged for Defrauding Kenyans

January 16, 2024

Newton Kengere, a 29-year-old man accused of impersonating former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and swindling unsuspecting members of the public, faced charges before a Nairobi court on Monday.

The accused allegedly crafted a Facebook account under the unauthorized name “Hon. Mike Mbuvi Sonko Rescue Loans” without the Former Governor’s approval.

DCI officers arrested Kengere in Kisii’s Riokindo ward following investigations. He faces accusations of defrauding the public through a fraudulent educational loan scheme.

Kengere reportedly masqueraded as a member of the Sonko Rescue Team and falsely claimed to coordinate an initiative assisting needy parents with school fees challenges.

Milimani senior principal magistrate Gilbert Shikwe presided over the hearing, where Kengere denied the charges of cybersquatting.

Pleading for lenient bond terms, the accused cited his humble background as a basis for consideration.

While the prosecution did not object to his release on bail, they urged the magistrate to take into account the gravity of the offense.

Magistrate Shikwe granted the accused release on a cash bail of Sh300,000, and scheduled the case to be mentioned on January 29.

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