LISTEN: Ruto Caught on Hot Mic Talking to Riggy G Regarding Affordable Housing

January 12, 2024

President William Ruto was Thursday in Ol Kalou, Nyandarua county to launch the first phase of the affordable housing project in the town.

The president has adopted the affordable housing as his flagship project, but legal challenges in the collection of the housing levy threaten to derail it.

A court is later this month expected to rule on the legality of the programme, and in anticipation, the president has taken a confrontational approach, especially towards the judiciary.

He accuses interested parties of sabotaging the project that is projected to employ hundreds of thousands of Kenyans, as well as provide homes to many slum dwellers. He has repeatedly said that Judiciary corruption is to blame.

In Ol Kalou, 2500 houses are expected to be built, which the president said will be mortgaged at between KSh3,200 and Sh6,000 a month at an interest of 3 per cent for 15 years depending on the sizes.

While inspecting the project, a ‘private’ moment between Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua was captured on tape, where the president repeated his determination to not let anything or anyone sabotage his pet project.

“Riggy G, this is just a hundred units… by the time we’re doing 2500, this place will be something else. Alafu mtu anataka kutuambia upuzi..”, Ruto was overheard, perhaps venting about the many hurdles placed on his way.

Watch the video.

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