Hilarious Memes After KWS Advises Kenyans to Talk to Hyenas to Prevent Attacks

January 10, 2024

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) on Tuesday provided amusing content for Kenyans on social media while detailing steps one should take to avoid a hyena attack.

In response to the rising incidents of hyena attacks across the country, KWS outlines 7 steps one should take if one encounters a hyena.

These safety tips include:

  1. Stop, and avoid running, as the hyena may instinctively give chase to fleeing prey.
  2. Avoid lying down or pretending to be dead, as this could heighten the hyena’s curiosity.
  3. Maintain composure and try not to show fear; keep yourself calm by talking to it.
  4. Given that hyenas are nocturnal, minimize movements during the night
  5. Only move away when the hyena does, and ensure you continue facing its direction.
  6. If the hyena growls or giggles, stand your ground – do not run, but refrain from advancing closer.
  7. Make a loud noise and adopt an aggressive, intimidating posture to deter the hyena.

As you would expect, Kenyans were amused by these KWS recommendations, particularly tip 3, which requires one to talk to a hyena.

Kenyans on Twitter did what they do best and made light of a life-threatening situation with hilarious tweets and memes for the better part of yesterday. Check out some of the best memes below.

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