Police Constable Shoots his Boss after Being Found Drunk while on Duty

December 19, 2023

A police corporal attached to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) in Nyeri shot his superior, Inspector Charles Mwangi, three times during the Sunday evening shift.

PC Joseph Gitari, 42, aged 42 and stationed at the Administration Police camp in Mweiga town, is accused of committing the offense while on duty at the Rural Electrification & Renewable Energy Corporation situated on the outskirts of the town.

Nyeri County Police Commander Benjamin Rotich said the incident transpired around 6:30 pm while Inspector Mwangi was conducting patrols and overseeing officers at their work stations.

“It was then that the inspector noticed that the officer, responsible for safeguarding the property, was drunk,” he said.

Following the incident, Mwangi relieved the corporal of his duties and instructed him to return to a waiting vehicle, awaiting arrangements for his replacement.

However, PC Gitari, instead of complying, boarded the vehicle and discharged three bullets from his rifle, shooting at the inspector.

“He missed one shot although two struck the inspector on his right hand and another in the waist, lodging in his body,” said the County Police boss.

Officers disarmed the rogue cop but he still managed to escape. He reportedly flagged down a private vehicle and fled to an unknown destination while still in his police uniform.

The County Police Commander said the suspect’s habitual drinking problem could be associated with stress from personal and family issues.

Mr. Mwangi was hospitalized at Mathari Hospital in Nyeri, with medical professionals stating that the officer was out of danger.

“The officer was initially supposed to be transferred to Nairobi for further treatment but he is in stable condition,” a police source said.

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