Govt Issues Travel Advisory for Kenyans Heading on Holiday During El Niño

December 11, 2023

On Sunday, the government cautioned Kenyans embarking on Christmas and New Year travels to exercise caution due to the prevailing heavy rainfall associated with the El Niño phenomenon.

During a press conference in Nairobi, Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura said that numerous roads have been washed out and visibility is significantly impaired on most Kenyan roads due to the floods.

Mwaurae advised motorists to refrain from driving during heavy downpours, rainy conditions, and immediately after rains to mitigate the risk of flash floods.

“When it rains, flash floods are still eminent and it may not be safe to travel. At other times, the area is still under floods and a majority of the roads are impassable. Unless it is extremely necessary, it is advisable to keep off these roads altogether until such a time when they are fully restored,” Mwaura said.

“It is advisable not to drive when it is raining and especially when the visibility is less than 100 metres as this might compromise your safety.”

Likewise, travelers are encouraged to carry essential safety kits for rain-related emergencies while traveling and to maintain communication with someone who can receive and share travel updates.

“Do not drive in flooded areas, moving or standing waters. Wait for it to subside or turn around,” Mwaura implored.

Government figures indicate that since the onset of the rains in October, over 168 people have lost their lives as a result.

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