DP Gachagua Rubbishes Kingpin ‘nonsense’, Terms it Insignificant

November 6, 2023

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has rejected the ongoing discussion among certain politicians regarding regional kingpins and tribal affiliations, dismissing it as trivial and counterproductive to development.

DP Gachagua emphasized that his effort to unite Mount Kenya behind President William Ruto is a strategic move aimed at fostering national unity.

The Deputy President urged politicians and analysts to refrain from involving him in discussions about kingpins. He stated that his focus is on fulfilling responsibilities mandated by the Constitution and the Head of State.

“There is no provision in the Constitution that talks about kingpinship. I have no time or desire to aspire for any other office because the work I have as Deputy President is a lot. I have no time for that kingpinship nonsense. I am so busy that I can hardly cope. That debate should end and those interested in kingpinship positions can pursue that,” said Gachagua on Sunday.

The DP spoke at the Anglican Church of Kenya St James Cathedral in Kiambu town, accompanied by his spouse Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, and more than 50 leaders from diverse regions of the country.

Gachagua at the same time reiterated that he had no issues with Former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Elections are over, President Ruto and I are magnanimous in victory and we are inviting the poll losers and those who were in Opposition to join us in working for the country. We had a problem with Uhuru Kenyatta (retired President) during the elections because of who he was supporting for President. But we won and we have no elections now so we like him. Even those who mistreated us, we have forgiven them. There is strength in unity,” said Gachagua.

Adding: “When I called for unity of the region, it was to rally it behind President Ruto not myself. In the last elections, we were divided and now we should unite behind him so that he can succeed and carry us along. When united behind him we have better leverage of benefiting.”

The Deputy President also took a stand in support of President Ruto’s foreign tours, countering the criticism from a faction of Opposition politicians. He urged Kenyans to exercise patience with the President’s ongoing initiatives aimed at revitalizing the country’s economy.

Attributing the success of these diplomatic efforts, Gachagua mentioned that Ruto has secured funds for road contractors, paving the way for the resumption of stalled projects. The Deputy President assured that the contractors would soon return to their respective project sites.

In addition, he announced that over 200 youths are set to benefit from training provided by German technical schools. This initiative is expected to enhance their skillsets, subsequently increasing their employment opportunities.

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