CS Murkomen is Worse than Moses Kuria, says Senator Cherargei

November 9, 2023

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei is now calling on President William Ruto to sack Transport and Roads Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen, as well as his counterpart in Public Works, Moses Kuria.

According to Cherargei, Murkomen’s conduct is more problematic than Kuria’s, with the key distinction being the fact that while Kuria expresses his grievances on social media, Murkomen reportedly directs insults at individuals during public gatherings.

“CS Moses Kuria is a national embarrassment that doesn’t care about respecting anyone including the appointing authority plus institutions such as Senate but he is not alone, he is in the good company of CS Murkomen who insults, belittles anyone and everyone, but Kuria only tweets but Murkomen is worse. He takes the mic and bullies, insults, and demeans the people and elected leaders even in funerals! The appointing authority must reign in on these rogue cabinet Secretaries,” Cherargei said in a tweet.

This comes as the Senate on Wednesday called for the removal of CS Moses Kuria from office, claiming that he has been an embarrassment to the government.

Senate Majority Leader Aaron Cheruiyot sparked the debate on the floor of the house on Wednesday, November 11 in response to CS Kuria’s public criticism of the Senate’s handling of the ongoing impeachment proceedings against Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza.

“Mr Speaker, I now agree with the members of this House who had brought a censure motion before to discuss the conduct of this particular minister because, at every given opportunity, he has done nothing other than embarrass the appointing authority,” Senator Cheruiyot said.

“In fact, it is my submission Mr Speaker that the earlier CS Moses Kuria is let off his duty the better for this administration. Mr Speaker, because every single day in every action that he undertakes, he continues to embarrass the President and the people.”

Meanwhile, the rift between Cherargei and Murkomen unfolded a week ago during a confrontation over tendering issues in Nandi County at the burial of Chesumei MP Paul Biego Polo’s son. At the funeral, Cherargei insisted that Murkomen allocate a tender to a local Nandi county contractor for the construction of a road in the region. Cherargei argued that priority should be given to Nandi residents over outsiders in such matters.

Murkomen responded sharply to Cherargei’s sentiments, criticizing the senator for promoting tribalism by advocating for a local contractor over those who had won the tender.

Murkomen expressed gratitude that President William Ruto doesn’t share the mindset of Cherargei. Additionally, he clarified that he is not involved in the tender awarding process but emphasized that every Kenyan is lawfully qualified to work anywhere in the country.

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