Kimani Mbugua Praises Mathari Hospital: “I Received Top-notch Healthcare”

October 3, 2023

Former TV anchor, Kimani Mbugua, is determined to get back on his feet after well-wishers heard his plea for help and raised more than half a million Kenyan shillings.

Prior to the fundraiser, Kimani Mbugua, who had been in and out of hospital for bipolar and substance abuse, had shared a video recounting his recent hospital discharge after a week-long stay, only to find himself without a place to stay.

Equipped with a business plan and a proposal, he reached out to potential business partners, seeking assistance in bringing his idea to fruition. Additionally, he shared that he had maintained sobriety for two months and was undergoing a healing process, albeit burdened with debt.

Kimani has expressed appreciation for Mathari Hospital, considering it a pivotal part of his recovery journey.

“We are so spoiled at Mathari. The food was abundant, the nurses were always there for you, and even the tiniest symptoms were addressed promptly. It was top-notch healthcare at Mathari, and it was surprisingly affordable,” he told Standard Digital.

“All you needed was your NHIF to be admitted, and once you’re in, your clinic visits become free if you’ve been admitted before. There’s even a maximum-security ward for mentally ill patients who’ve committed crimes. However, some families just leave their loved ones at the facility and won’t come to pick them up, even when they’re doing better. It’s important to bring them home when they’re getting better because if you don’t, they might relapse.”

Motivated by his love for his parents, Kimani decided to embark on a journey towards improvement. Having experienced a series of hospital visits, he felt a sense of disappointment towards his friends and family. Driven by a strong determination to turn over a new leaf, he was committed to starting afresh.

“My friends and family were utterly baffled by my situation, and they were close to giving up on me. My family shelled out more than 3 million for my treatment, my dad even had to sell my car to settle the hospital bill, and we nearly sold our land. I did this (recovering) for my parents, to show them that I’ve made a comeback, and they are happy for me.”

Kimani also spoke about his Bipolar diagnosis and how Cannabis use triggered his manic episodes.

“Bipolar is genetic, and there’s not much you can do about it. Mine started showing its colours three years ago, and it wreaked havoc on my work and personal life. I was just 24 at the time. Surprisingly, my trigger to bipolar was weed(cannabis) I wasn’t a drug addict, but I was a dedicated smoker. Sometimes, when substances are your triggers, your body just asks for a pinch of weed to propel you into mania. I knew what I was up against, and that’s why I’m on the path to recovery.”

The former journalist disclosed his plans for the funds raised by well-wishers.

“I’m in the process of settling down, and my sisters and I will be moving in together. I’m also working on launching my company, a creative agency. We’re still shaping the company with interested business partners, figuring out how they envision it.”

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