Former Kisumu Employee Sentenced for Stoning Ruto Motorcade

October 27, 2023

A former Kisumu County askari, apprehended in 2021 for pelting stones at the motorcade of former Deputy President William Ruto, has been convicted.

Wilson Aminda, sentenced at the Kisumu Winam Law Courts on Thursday morning, was found guilty of malicious destruction of government property and for disrupting Ruto’s campaign rally in Kondele on November 10, 2021.

Aminda had earlier denied the charges but Senior Principal Magistrate Robert Owanda ruled that his actions disrupted the peace at the event and resulted in property damage.

The court held him responsible for the destruction of five government vehicles, stating, “Aminda created a disturbance by pelting stones at a crowd during a political rally and at the Deputy President’s motorcade, thereby maliciously destroying a special Land Cruiser REG GKB 263G, GKB 741J, and a Toyota Hilux,” as outlined in the court documents.

The court handed down a one-year jail sentence to the accused, with an alternative option of a Sh13,000 fine.

Aminda secured his freedom upon payment of the fine and was escorted to his residence in Manyatta by a group of more than 10 youths on motorcycles.

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