El Niño Phenomenon Remains in Effect: Weatherman Insists

October 3, 2023

The Kenya Meteorological Department has affirmed that the El Niño phenomenon remains in effect, in response to reports indicating that the country is expected to experience above-average rainfall over the next three months.

In a recent forecast for the October, November, and December (OND) short rains, the weatherman indicated that the country is poised to experience enhanced (above-average) rainfall, which will be well-distributed in both time and space.

This forecast contradicts the earlier warning from the Met Dept about heavy rainfall induced by El Niño, which was anticipated to result in flooding, flash floods, and landslides.

On Monday, the Kenya Meteorological Department responded to media reports indicating that the El Niño threat might be over.

The weatherman explained that the projected above-average rainfall remains linked to the ongoing El Niño event.

“Kindly take note that the El Niño phenomenon remains in effect. As a result, it is expected that both the month of October and the entire season is likely to receive above-average rainfall, which remains linked to the ongoing El Niño event,” the weatherman posted on X.

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