Deliverance Church in Embakasi Robbed Of Sh400,000 Cash and Sh4m Equipment

September 13, 2023

Detectives in Nairobi are currently investigating a robbery that occurred at Deliverance Church Embakasi during the early hours of Monday morning.

CCTV footage captured four robbers gaining entry to the church premises and stealing valuables estimated to be worth Sh4 million. The surveillance footage depicts the four robbers entering the church grounds at 1:39 AM, wearing caps, presumably to conceal their identities.

The robbers then proceeded to the security guard’s house, where they forcibly removed him, tied him up, and then proceeded to enter the church premises.

At 1:48 AM, the gang, armed with machetes, entered the church before they were seen exiting the premises carrying bags and other valuable items.

One of the robbers was also captured searching the upper portion of the church and then appeared to notice one of the CCTV cameras, which he flashed with a flashlight.

The robbers are then seen leaving the church at 2:46 AM, and proceed to gain access to the offices located within the compound.

They forcefully broke into five offices and were captured leaving with bags containing stolen valuables.

According to statements from Deliverance Church pastors, the robbers managed to steal Sh400,000 from the church safe, as well as a range of musical instruments, including five screens, two keyboards, a sound mixer, two cameras, two laptops, a computer, and two amplifiers, with an estimated total value of Sh. 4 million.

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