Assets Worth Sh643.2 Million Frozen for City Hall Employee Earning Sh55,000 per Month

September 15, 2023

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has secured freezing orders for unexplained wealth totaling Sh643.2 million, which is linked to a junior City Hall employee earning a monthly salary of Sh55,866.75.

These assets comprise prime land, luxury vehicles, and apartments, as well as millions of cash in more than 10 bank and M-Pesa accounts, and Sh898,000 in physical cash from the graft suspect. In total, they account for Sh643,213,688.12.

EACC believes the officer, who was employed as a Development Control Officer, abused his position of trust to amass the unexplained assets in the period between January 1, 2016, and October 31, 2022.

“It is reasonably suspected that the above-stated properties were acquired through corruption and the same should be forfeited to the government of Kenya and the difference in value should be paid to the government of Kenya as prayed,” the commission petitioned the court.

EACC began the investigation upon receiving information regarding the employee’s alleged involvement in corrupt activities

During the course of the probe, the anti-graft watchdog uncovered the officer’s association with several private companies, where he held positions as a registered Director.

The funds believed to have been obtained through the alleged corrupt activities were identified by the Commission as having been received and routed through bank accounts held in the officer’s name, as well as in the names of companies connected to him, and in some instances, through accounts belonging to his family members, including his spouse and children.

“Considering the 1st respondent’s net salary of Sh55,866.75 per month, the frequent inter-account transfers and intermingling of funds, the large and frequent deposits into his bank account and those of the companies associated with him, raises questionable suspicion that the monies could have been obtained through corrupt conduct,” EACC said in the court documents.

The suspect serves as a co-director of a well-known pub located in Lang’ata, which is not currently under investigation. Officials said the suspect was able to provide a satisfactory explanation regarding the source of the capital used to establish this business.

While granting the freeze orders in a ruling dated September 13, 2023, the court also issued an order to prohibit any transfer, dissipation, withdrawal, or utilization of the funds held in the bank accounts.

“That in the interim, an order of injunction be and is hereby issued restraining the respondents, their agents, servants or any other person from alienating, selling, charging, developing, disposing of, wasting or in any other way dealing with the motor vehicles and land,” court papers read.

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