Pastor Paul Mackenzie Preaches in Court: “Let go of everything so you may enter heaven”

August 11, 2023

On Thursday, court officials witnessed unconventional proceedings as Pastor Paul Mackenzie delivered a brief sermon within the courtroom.

During his sermon, Mackenzie was heard preaching that while many will aspire to enter the narrow gate to heaven, a significant number will not succeed.

“Yesu alisema kuingia kwa mlango ulio mwembamba wengi watataka lakini wasiweze. Akasema mtu ni lazima aviwache vyote ndipo aweze kuwa mwanafunzi wake. Tosha,” he said.

(Jesus said many will desire to enter through the narrow gate but they will not be able. He said a person must let go of everything to become His disciple. Enough)

“Waambieni wanadamu maneno hayo. Ni ya Yesu sio ya Mackenzie. Yesu alisema jitahidini kuingia kupitia kwa mlango ulio mwembamba maana wengi watataka lakini wasiweze.”

(Tell this to humans. These are the words of Jesus, not Mackenzie. Jesus said, Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many will want to, but they will not be able to)

Mackenzie’s sermon was drawn from the Bible verse Luke 13:24.

The Shakahola cult leader and his co-accused followers had appeared before a Shanzu court for a ruling on the State’s application to have them detained by an additional 47 days.

Shanzu Senior Principal Magistrate Yusuf Shikanda on Thursday granted the request, saying it was not reasonable to release the suspects before a thorough background check.

Shikanda stated that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had presented the argument that Mackenzie and some of his co-accused individuals do not have a known permanent residence other than Shakahola, which has since been marked as a disturbed scene.

“Where will they go to if released on bail or bond terms?” posed Shikanda, adding: “The 47 days detention will run from August 2.”

Mackenzie and the co-accused have already been in custody for a period of 90 days.

Mackenzie and his adherents are facing at least 12 charges, which include murder, counseling and aiding suicide, abduction, radicalization, genocide, crimes against humanity, child cruelty, fraud, and money laundering.

They are being held accountable for their alleged participation in the deaths of over 425 people, whose bodies have been unearthed from Shakahola.

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