Nairobi Bar Owners Respond To Sakaja’s Directive on Night Raids

August 31, 2023

Nairobi’s bar and club proprietors have approved Governor Johnson Sakaja’s instruction, directing enforcement officers to discontinue night raids at their establishments.

Governor Sakaja said that ensuring compliance with liquor sales and the operation of bars and nightclubs should not be used as a means to intimidate business owners.

“What good does it do to raid clubs, arrest the DJ, confiscate his equipment and send clients scampering?” Sakaja posed while issuing the directive on Tuesday.

“This is not the goal. The goal is to ensure that the proprietors follow the law,” Sakaja added.

Sakaja emphasized that the arrest of individuals who breach county regulations regarding the operation of bars and nightclubs should be carried out in an orderly manner.

In response to the directive, the Bars, Hotels, and Liquor Traders of Kenya Association (BAHLITA) said: “We owe this to God”.

“We take this earliest opportunity to thank His Excellency Governor Sakaja for the continued support of the liquor industry. Our governor 2027 and beyond,” BAHLITA said in a statement.

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