Kyallo Sisters Talk Best Parts As Season 2 Ends

August 21, 2023

Kyallo Kulture Season 2 has concluded, and all episodes are now available for binge-watching on Showmax Kenya. Debuting in late May, the second season has provided deeper insights into the sisters’ lives and their upcoming endeavors.

Reflecting on the highlights of filming Season 2, the youngest sister, Gloria Kyallo, said it was her most enjoyable season to date.

“I enjoyed everything about filming season two but the times that I was truly my happiest were the scenes with my boyfriend, Ken, especially the one where Mercy and her boyfriend stood us up and we ended up having so much fun,” says Gloria. “Another wonderful experience was filming with my friends. It felt so effortless and I felt like I could easily be myself and even forgot the cameras were there. The trip to South Africa was also one of my favourite moments. Such an experience!”

Betty, on the other hand, found the most delight in the remarkable reunions and the shared activities with her sisters throughout the season.

“I loved celebrating Ivanna’s birthday at home, painting sessions with Mercy, movie night with Gloria, and just moments of laughter, helping each other out and celebrating each other,” Betty said.

As for Mercy, her most memorable experience was playing a childhood game while at a luxurious resort.

“My best moment in season two was when we all played kati at The Maiyan in Nanyuki. Seeing my mum, Betty, Gloria and everyone else enjoy a childhood game we loved so much was a moment I will treasure forever.”

Betty, Mercy and Gloria also spoke about what it feels like to be one of the top-watched shows in Kenya.

“This is such a big deal, and it is not a mean feat. It means the audience appreciated season one and loved watching us again in season two,” said Betty.

“It makes me feel like the content we created sharing our lives was not in vain. People appreciate it, love the content and who we are as a family, and as sisters. I am so excited about what the future holds.”

While Mercy added, “It feels good to know that our family makes people happy. We are not perfect but our love is unending. We always try and try again and I appreciate my family for being bold enough to let the cameras in so we can share that crazy love with the world.”

For Gloria, the realization of being cherished and supported as a family was both heartening and overwhelming.

“It’s an overwhelming feeling. I knew we were good, putting in our A game, but that good? It feels amazing because it’s great to see that people actually see us, support us and love us,” said Gloria.

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